Xbox Live’s free-to-play Happy Wars hits 2 million users

Today, developer Toylogic has announced that their free-to-play game Happy Wars has been downloaded more than 2 million times since its launch in October. That figure is up from 1.2 million in December. Happy Wars is the first free-to-play game that Xbox Live has seen.

Even though Happy Wars is  free to play, gamers can purchase “happy tickets” in game with real-world money to upgrade their characters’ appearance and equipment. However, you can also do this by unlocking “happy stars” through playing the game. Additionally, gamers must have an Xbox Live Gold subscription ($60 per year) to download Happy Wars.

Toylogic also announced today that a “major” update for Happy Wars has been released. Some of the features that it includes are: a special match mode, which introduces new multiplayer rules, as well as additional customization slots. Lastly, the new Happy Wars update extends the level cap for items by 5.

While Happy Wars may be the first free-to-play game for Xbox Live, it won’t be the last. Signal Studios’ third-person role-playing game Ascend: New Gods will also be available through the platform for free when it launches sometime later this year.

Source: VG247