Xbox Live “Ultimate Game Sale” begins today, pretend you’re Hungarian for an extra discount!

It has begun! Today marks the first day of the Xbox Live “Ultimate Game Sale”! Genuinely good deals are to be had here today, and for the rest of the week leading up to July 5th.

The deals for July 2nd are as follows:

Pretty good prices for digital copies sold straight from Microsoft. However, I’ve got details of a way to make these prices even lower…

The US pricing is fairly high compared to other countries. For example, in Hungary these games can be purchased for as little as 990 forints ($4.40).

Here are the prices of the daily deals on the Hungarian Xbox Live Marketplace:

Assassin’s Creed 3 – 1,990 FT (~$8.80)
Borderlands 2 – 990 FT (~$4.40)
Far Cry 3 – 1,990 FT (~$8.80)
Max Payne 3 – 990 FT (~$4.40)
The folks over at HotUKDeals have detailed a pretty painless way for anyone to create a Hungarian Xbox Live account:

Step 1: Create a Hungarian Microsoft account
Sign up for a Hungarian Hotmail account ( via:…kt=hu-hu&lic=1
Be sure to select location as Hungary.

Step 2: Create a Hungarian Xbox Live account via
using your Hungarian hotmail account. Again be sure to select location as Hungary.

Step 3:Using a Debit card to purchase games will not work, so you need to buy some Microsoft Points, minimum 800 points card from online retailer or instore.

Step 4: Download your new account to your Xbox via your login details and add the MS Points, it will ask for more details for your billing address, you can simply put whatever you want e.g “Name” “Street” “City” “12345″ and “01999 999999″ as it does not verify them.

Step 5: Search for/locate games that are on offer via the dashboard (or the Xbox Live Web marketplace if you prefer) while logged in as your Hungarian account and opt to pay via Microsoft points by pressing X on the purchase screen.

Step 6: Download and enjoy!