Xbox Live to offer shared Xbox Live Gold, dedicated servers and “smart match”

Acey Bongos takes us through the features that multiplayer will offer on the Xbox One, notably the power of the cloud, the rep system and game sharing.

We’ve extracted the most important bits:

Xbox Live Gold sharing:

Select one console as your “home console” this will allow all members to share games on that console, and if you have Xbox Live Gold then as long as they use that console, they can use all of the benefits. Even if you use your profile elsewhere.

Reputation system:

The reputation system has had an overhaul. Now all sorts of things will reflect on you, including how many times you’re blocked. They also note that playing in the appropriate lobby will reflect on your reputation. But whether or not that’s automatic, or from player feedback isn’t explained. Though I’d assume the latter.

Smart match:

This allows you to look for a match while you’re doing other things (You know in case there’s a one second video you want to watch while waiting…)

Cloud gaming:

Games will use a dedicated server, via the cloud.