Xbox 360 reclaims top crown as the best selling console in the UK, wrestles it away from PS3

We reported back in August that the Xbox 360 had been out-sold by the PlayStation 3 during the summer months, but Microsoft’s console has now managed to fight back.

The Xbox sold more units than the PlayStation 3 in August this year, and is currently the best selling console in the UK according to Microsoft. Xbox games have accounted for 38.2% of all games sold this year, with the PlayStation 3 only on 25.5%.

Microsoft have also stated that Saints Row IV was sold more for the Xbox 360, with 66% of the sales being made on the Xbox. The PlayStation 3 picked up  34% of them. The same can be said for Splinter Cell: Blacklist as well, with 61% of the sales being made on the Xbox, and 34% going to the PlayStation 3.

Xbox UK marketing head Harvey Eagle has told MCV that the “Xbox 360 continues to be the most popular place to play games in the UK.”

Not only is Xbox 360 back as the No.1 console in the UK, software sales are strong across all titles with Xbox enjoying a majority share of some of the biggest games in the UK charts at the moment.

We see this demand continuing over the coming months, as well as extremely strong pre-orders for Xbox One with Day One Editions sold out at many retailers.

Interesting to see that now The Last of Us and the hype of E3 have passed, everyone is back to Microsoft’s console now over the last few months. What do you guys think caused this, any particular game or just a general shift?

Source: MCV UK