Xbox 360 dashboard update raises game prices

In a final “fuck you” from Microsoft, they’ve knocked up the game prices in their new update. I encouraged you all to download it recently, so you may pelt me with your rocks.

When I jumped on for some early hour gaming today, I was almost insulted by the price change. Here’s a little insight from Reddit:

400MSP games now cost £4.49 (but 400MSP will convert to £3.33)

800MSP games now cost £8.99 (but 800MSP = £6.66)

1200MSP games now cost £11.99 (but 120MSP = £10)

1600MSP games now cost £14.99 (but 1600MSP = £13.33)

So thoughts? Rage? It’s only a little jump but it’s the principle, right? This does put the prices in line with PSN prices, so there’s that.