Witcher 3 plot is “extremely ambitious” says Lead Quest Designer

In an upcoming interview with VG247 Witcher 3‘s Lead Quest Designer, Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz talks about quests, and Geralt’s impact on the world. We already know that it’ll be coming to the PlayStation 4.

“Witcher 3 is extremely ambitious in terms of the number of characters and plots that we’re introducing. But also in terms of how we want to present them. We want to tell a truly immersive and emotional story in an epic environment.”

Morality is also mentioned, choices will have a different effect that isn’t just “good” or “bad”

“We’ve never used simple “black and white” moral choices in our games, and The Witcher 3 is no exception. We are keeping “shades of grey” moral choices that are the key element of The Witcher universe.”

The Witcher 3 will launch in 2014, and rumour has it at 100 hours long. The rumour is sourced from the same place that mentioned 36 final states of the world, which is also mentioned in the interview briefly  Pushing belief that the rumours are likely true.