Watch Dogs Designer Leaves Ubisoft To Join EA

Watch Dogs is one of the most anticipated games. Ubisoft first showcased it at E3 2012 and since then gamers are eager to get their hands on the game. However, before that happens, Watch Dogs designer has left Ubisoft.

Watch Dog’s Lead game designer, Jamie Keen has left Ubisoft and joined EA. Keen was also the lead game designer for Far Cry 3.

Keen has joined the Ghost Games, as the studio is working on an unannounced Need For Speed Title. It’s highly likely that Keen has joined as the lead designer to work on this unannounced Need For Speed game.

Given that how EA is pushing the Forstbite engine for all of its games, it is possible that Ghost Games will use the Frostbite 2 Engine for its Need For Speed game.

As for Watch Dogs, its not all doom and gloom. Since the game is near its release, it is possible that most of the design work on Watch Dos is done.