Void Engine trademark could mean a new game engine for id Software

Zenimax, the parent company for Bethesda Softworks, has filed for a trademark for something called “Void Engine Powered by ID TECH”, meaning the game company could be announcing a new game engine in the future. Filed on Nov 8, 2013, the trademark covers, “software game engine used to design and develop computer games.”

For the record, “id Tech” is the name of a series of game engines created by the Bethesda-owned id Software, including upcoming titles like Wolfenstein: The New Order, The Evil Within, and the much rumored Doom 4.

In 2008, John Carmack talked about id Tech 6 as the next version in the series, but said at the time that it would utilize hardware that didn’t exist yet. We know id Software has been working on id Tech 6 – whether or not Void Engine is just the ‘brand’ name to go with it remains to be seen.

Watch closely…it’s an interesting time to launch a new game engine.