Video games make gamers good and active citizens, according to new research

There is a general consensus that violent games make gamers violent. While there are studies confirming it to be false but, the consensus remains.

However, another research has been conducted suggesting that gamers are actually better citizens.

What we found was that what they were learning was a whole lot deeper and more profound than we had imagined, or that you can see from watching them. They are doing a lot of problem solving and strategizing. They are learning collaboration and leadership skills.

But the most profound thing that got me really thinking about their civic engagement is that they are actively making ethical and moral decisions all the time. They are trying out roles through the characters in the stories. If they act badly, if they choose to be evil, they see the significant results of each of the decisions they make.

What do you think of this new research? Let us know your throughts.

Source: The Globe and Mail