UPDATE: Rumor: Titanfall on Xbox One to run at 720p resolution

UPDATE: EA has responded stating that they “don’t comment on rumor or speculation.” So take from that what you will.

Original Story:

Following rumors yesterday that Call of Duty: Ghosts will run at 720p on Xbox One, NeoGAF rumor monger CBOAT has once again stoked the fires as he now claims that Xbox One “exclusive” Titanfall will also be at 720p resolution.

Posting on the same thread where the Call of Duty: Ghosts 720p rumor started, the post itself was then made into a separate thread.

Here’s what CBOAT said in his usual L33t speak lingo:

We arl rdaedy know.
Titfall also.
not cooll2 hodl back on tstuff we acnt interact r tel truaths with, evnev if itns the job to obs>ffducate.

translaperncy is berter when dealing wtih this positition. whataev er tho

Translated it states:

We already know.

Titanfall also.

Not cool to hold back on stuff we can’t interact or tell truths with, even if it’s the job to obfuscate (?)

Transparency is better when dealing with this position. Whatever tho.

Also of note, NeoGAF user FamousMortimer, who also spearheaded the #PS4NoDRM campaign on Twitter, also chimed and mentioned the following:

Also, why the fuck not, Titanfall has been rumored to be targeting 720p on the xbox one as well. I’m sure that probably came up in this thread already by someone… but, yeah, that rumor seems more solid than this CoD one.

We’ve emailed EA for a comment and will update the story once we hear back from them.

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