Ubisoft Art Engine: Ubiart Framework Could Work For 3d Games Like Beyond Good And Evil 2

Ubiart Framework is Ubisoft’s proprietary game engine used for its Rayman games. Ubisoft primarily uses its Framework for 2D platformers like Rayman Origins.

However, according to Ubisoft, Ubiart Framework is perfectly capable of rendering 3D games.

It will be interesting to see Ubisoft developing 3D games using its Ubiart Framework. This could be an indication from Ubisoft for a future 3D title developed using this game engine.

However, given that Ubisoft already have Anvil Next, Snowdrop Engine for The Division, and more, it seems weird that Ubisoft would use its 2D platformer game engine for a 3D game.

The reason why I am raising this point is that the Game Engines I mentioned above will prove to be much better for 3D Games development.