Turtle Beach headsets will not support surround sound on Xbox One at launch, community manager points to fix

Awhile back we wrote a news piece about the Turtle Beach Xbox One headsets, explaining that they won’t work at launch, but Jeff, Turtle Beaches community manager explains that Microsoft just have to do a firmware update for them to function at full capacity:

There’s a firmware update that Microsoft must issue for the headsets to work in surround sound, Turtle Beach’s community manager “Jeff” says:

“There’s a small firmware update Microsoft will have to issue once the Xbox One is live in the field to enable surround sound output via the controller. The headset won’t require any work and will be every bit as functional as the Xbox One allows. Once MS pushes the update live, everything will work exactly as intended. Until then, there may be a bit of limited functionality, but not to worry, it’s just a simple update to solve it.”

Considering Microsoft have said they learnt a lot from the Xbox 360, this is kind of embarrassing. I mean it won’t affect me because I don’t use headphones, but it’s a little stupid.

Thanks to Michael Houser for pointing this out.