Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs and Hitman: Absolution declared “commercial failures” by Square Enix

In its 2013 annual report, Square Enix has reiterated its previous stance that Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs and Hitman: Absolution have been “commercial failures.”

The company has said on numerous occasions before that these games failed to meet their sales target. This came as a bit of a surprise to people, especially in case of Tomb Raider because the game sold more than 4 million units within six months of its release. Square Enix has actually blamed its financial woes on the home console market.

The report states:

In the HD games category, we delivered three major titles in the fiscal year under review, primarily in Europe and North America. These titles—Sleeping Dogs, Hitman: Absolution, and Tomb Raider—failed to reach their respective targets, and resulted in financially unsatisfactory consequences, whereas the HD business in Japan remained strong through sales of the Nintendo 3DS version of Dragon Quest VII: Eden no Senshitachi (Warriors of Eden) and others.

On a more positive note, Square Enix does recognize that these games were a success in terms of game development.