UPDATE: Titanfall to have beta – rumour

UPDATE: EA has responded to our query and replied with, “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.” So, take from that what you will.

Original Story

Awhile back I got hands on with Titanfall, and wrote a preview where I told you that it’s basically going to win over every gamer.

In saying that, it’s not surprising that shooter fans would want a Titanfall beta, and it’s further fueled by things as Respawn tweeting “Be the First to Fall into Titanfall!” which turned out to be an announcement for the game’s retail release.

But in a recent Edge article which takes a look at the Xbox One Dashboard, the last paragraph seems to simply state that a Titanfall beta is on the way:

“Respawn’s shooter, still the most impressive next-gen title, arrives in March largely unchallenged by Sony. It’s also multiplayer-only, and it will be preceded by a beta period. In the glory days of 2007, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s beta tempted the hardcore over to Xbox Live, establishing an audience that lasted the lifespan of the console. It’s possible, just, that Titanfall could do the same for Xbox One. But Microsoft has a great many problems to fix first. If it cannot get its house in order, it will attract guests, but not residents, to its new console.”

If Respawn is planning on sharing details soon, we’d guess a VGX announcement would make sense. Of course, the game having a beta shouldn’t really come as a surprise if it does happen since it’s a “big” multiplayer-only shooter.

Keep in mind we’re tagging this as a rumor and have contacted EA for a response. Once they reply to us, we’ll update the post accordingly.

Thanks, NeoGAF user AHA-Lambda