Titanfall producer: Getting head-shotted across the map in Battlefield or Call of Duty is “terrible”

The producer for Titanfall, Drew McCoy has been talking to VG24/7 about how they are trying to break free from the shadows of games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield.

McCoy talked about how they want the game to be based around the survivability of the character whether they are in our out of the mechs, saying that a headshot from across the map is “terrible.”

It was originally envisioned to be more of a power suit, maybe eight or nine feet tall, like a person could just fit right inside of it. We were talking about it and one of the things we were doing was, we wanted to work on survivability in a multiplayer game, because if you play Battlefield or Call of Duty and you get head-shotted from across the map, you have no idea what happened. You’re instantly dead and it’s terrible.

He then went on to talk about addressing balancing issues from games such as Call of Duty where there are various different issues with spawn-killing.

We’ve got a logical spawning system that does a lot of figuring out where to spawn players as well as AI. They come in from dropships, they zip-line down based on where action is happening. We have this concept in the levels of frontline spawning so the AI knows where the action is happening: where friendlies are, where enemies are, where the AI are and it’ll try and spawn you accordingly.

I have to say, I do agree with McCoy here, getting headshotted from across the map in a game like Battlefield 3 is just confusing and ends up with a general “well fuck,” because you simply had no chance. Although it is funny when you do it to other people.

This is a fairly lengthy interview with McCoy that touches on a lot of aspects in Titanfall so make sure you go over to VG24/7 and give it a read if you’re interested in this upcoming next-gen title.