Titanfall hands-on preview: The FPS that reminds us why we love shooters

At the Eurogamer Expo, I got to spend some hands-on time with Respawn’s Titanfall and to put it curtly, I have to say this game was simply amazing.

It feels like the Call of Duty 4 of next-gen; the battles are fast-paced but you’ve always got a second to get your bearings straight. And the guns feel like they actually do damage.

The map we played on was split into two ways. We could battle on the lower areas, this would create a semi-closed off section that had long streets with buildings on either side. These areas have cover, plenty of flanking spots but aren’t great for calling in the Titans. Also of note, the buildings are often open so you can weave in and out of them.

The other part of the map is accessed by using your jump pack, you can climb on shipping crates and up buildings. This added a whole new dynamic element to the battle. It means you can flank from a whole new angle and quickly get the drop on the enemy. It works great because it’s not just something snipers can exploit to try and get a good camping spot. Instead, people seemed to use it to bounce around and cut you off while you’re charging down a street.

At first I thought this game would just be another standard FPS with a gimmick — the Titans. But I found that these said Titans, while being awesome, aren’t the only thing that makes this shooter really, really fun.

The mechs control very well and come equipped with a couple of weapons, some to combat infantry some to combat other Titans, which is really a blast to use. The Titans work well because of the narrow streets, they’re tough but they’re not overpowered. And you find your team will support the Titan, rather than leave it to wander into entire enemy forces singlehandedly.

This game has achieved something unique, in that your team work with you, even if you can’t talk to them — it’s a strange achievement, but one that proves Respawn is on the right track.