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Update: It seems that, because the version of The Sims 3 that’s in the Humble Origin Bundle is a U.S.-only…

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It seems that, because the version of The Sims 3 that’s in the Humble Origin Bundle is a U.S.-only version, those who unlocked it outside of the U.S. are out of luck.

Humble Bundle responded:Numerous customers have been encountering an issue with their Origin keys for The Sims 3. We have put together a support article that might be able to help you while we dig through the emails.http://support.humblebundle.com/customer/portal/articles/1259953-sims-3-dlc—-humble-origin-bundleIf this resolves solves your issue please reply with #resolve. If this is unrelated to your issue, we will get to your case as soon as possible.Thank you for your patience.We’ll keep you posted with the latest and update accordingly.

Original article:

Yesterday, the Humble Origin Bundle launched, which includes Dead SpaceDead Space 3Crysis 2 Maximum EditionMirror’s EdgeMedal of Honor, and Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box, if you pay less than the average. Pay more than the average, and you’ll get Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 + Starter Pack.

Instead of the money going towards Humble and EA, funds can be allocated towards Humble and several charities. It seems that there is a big hiccup in EA’s gesture, however. According to manyusers on EA’s forums, they cannot redeem their codes for The Sims 3 from the Humble Bundle. For one user, only a 16-digit code was given, when codes entered through Origin must be 20 digits.

An eagle-eyed user noted that, because users seem to have just gotten a 16-digit code, that code is for downloadable content and not the main game. Another user contacted EA, which told the user that this is an issue for Humble to deal with.

The P.E. Perspective: It looks like EA’s good gesture just caught a snag in its inner machinations. For people to just get 16-digit codes is a glaring omission, and one that EA will have to account for. I find it hard to believe that users have to go to Humble when EA published the title. Hopefully, this issue can be resolved soon for those with codes for The Sims 3.

Source: EA forums

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