The Last of Us demo early access via God of War: Ascension has been dated

As is the case with most of Sony’st first-party games these days, one of their “big” releases will include a demo for another “big” release.

In this case, buying God of War: Ascension will net you early access to Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated third-person action/adventure game, The Last of Us.

Revealed by Naughty Dog via their Facebook page, The Last of Us early access demo will be available on May 31 later this year. Again, this is for those who bought God of War: Ascension. But non-Kratos supporters need not be pissed. I mean, it is just an “early access;” so that means Sony will release The Last of Us demo to the rest of the PlayStation masses at some point in the future.

Will this help move God of War: Ascension sales? Possibly, but I’d rather see it as an cherry on a very angry sundae.

The Last of Us will be released on June 14, while God of War: Ascension will be out on March 12 and both are exclusive to the PS3.