The Last of Us adds new Dualshock 3 color for Japan

According to Sony Entertainment of Japan, a new controller color for the PlayStation 3 will be released to coincide with The Last of Us‘ release date in Japan.

The controller will be available in Metallic Gray in limited quantities for 5,500 yen (about $59 USD). While there’s no word on it being available outside of Japan, you can probably get lucky enough to pick one up on eBay, though it will also probably be even more expensive.

So why gray? According to my browser’s likely incredibly bad translation, the color gray is “full of profound feeling”s and if you play a deeply emotional game like The Last of Us with the controller, it’ll resonate with your deeper feelings better. Or something like that.

It’d be interesting to see if Sony releases the PlayStation 4 in a similar silver color when it is released.

The Last of Us will release worldwide on June 14, while the controller and game will release in Japan one week later on the 20th.