Take-Two are going after fake GTA 5 beta sites

A lot like bad boys, there’s not much you can do when Take-Two are comin’ fo’ yo’.
In this case, they’re going after fake Grand Theft Auto 5 beta code sites.

As Fusible noticed, Take-Two interactive won two cases against two domains, www.gta5betacode.com, and www.grandtheftauto5beta.com. Two more complaint have been made against two other fake websites too.

gta5betacode.com has over 1,000 facebook likes and they run a YouTube channel too; here’s a screen shot of the site.

The site encourages you to share it via facebook, then the second step takes you to a “Select your console” page, then a file downloads to your PC.

Remember kids, if it looks to good to be true it probably is. Just like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox scams.