Feature: Why does the Nintendo 2DS exist?

Earlier, Nintendo revealed the Nintendo 2DS, a cheaper redesign of the company’s 3DS. There are several main differences, the key one being the form factor – a flat, slate design, as opposed to the 3DS’ clamshell design. In addition, there is no 3D function, one speaker, and a “Sleep” function. Finally, the screen sizes are […]

Miyamoto: PS4 and Xbox One “would go up in price by easily a hundred dollars or more” if they included a device similar to the GamePad

Part of why the Wii sold so well was because of its $250 price point, a huge draw to consumers who couldn’t afford to buy a PlayStation 3 or an Xbox 360 at the time. That’s why some were taken aback by the Wii U’s $350 starting price. In an interview with TIME, Shigeru Miyamoto talks […]