Gearbox president Randy Pitchford gives a good ol’ “**** you” in response to Borderlands 2 DLC criticism

Randy Pitchford is president of Gearbox Software, the esteemed developer behind hits like Borderlands and its sequel, Borderlands 2. Unfortunately they’re also the studio behind the widely panned Aliens: Colonial Marines. Talking with fans over the last few days on Twitter, he’s been more than willing to speak his mind quite clearly. Twitter user MorninAfterKill is Respawn Director associated with Machinima, and […]

Borderlands 2 artist thinks Dragon’s Crown art is “juvenile,” and something a 5th grader would draw

It’s not very good when industry people bash each other, it’s really insulting and makes people shun the industry. One person’s insult reflects on a company. Recently, Gearbox Environment artist Shaylyn Hamm had this to say about the artwork from Dragon’s Crown: “Also, this is the first time I’ve seen that character and holy shit, ahahahahahaha. That’s actually […]