Reviewing the reviews: BioShock Infinite

Disclaimer: Nick’s views does not necessarily represent those of Pixel Enemy or its staff and he has written this “review of a review” on a freelance contributor basis). Reviewing the Reviews: BioShock Infinite – by Nick Simberg Everyone loves BioShock Infinite, the latest Irrational Games masterpiece. And I mean everyone – at the time of this writing, there is but a […]

BioShock Infinite Review — The shooter to end a generation

With a healthy six years since the success of the first critically acclaimed BioShock, and three years following BioShock 2, BioShock Infinite marks the end of this console generation –a promising closing act to first-person shooters of this era. All eyes are on Irrational Games…did the developers manage to deliver on the hype? Either way, this is the sequel that […]