EA: We took FPS market “share” from Activision with Battlefield 3, we won’t stop until we’re number 1

Frank Gibeau recently revealed that Battlefield outsold Call of Duty in some EU territories and said that they’re “slamming”the competition with new innovations. Now, another EA exec chimes in and goes one step further. In a recent interview with MCV Magazine EA Games’ executive vice president Patrick Soderlund has stated that the Battlefield franchise has […]

DICE: Battlefield 3 and Battlelog outages result of activity “aimed at overwhelming” game servers

For those who can’t play Battlefield 3 online or log in to the game’s stat-tracking site Battlelog, it’s because game servers (and Battlelog) are under attack and not because of any technical snafu on the publisher’s part. This was revealed by the official Battlelog Twitter who tweeted the following: The current Battlefield 3 and Battelog […]

Battlefield 3 getting Double XP until Battlefield 4′s launch

DICE is celebrating Battlefield 4′s launch by giving everyone double XP for all ranked matches and modes for Battlefield 3. Just in case that wasn’t clear, you don’t need to be a BF3 Premium member to avail of this little perk. According to the official Battlefield Facebook page, the event has already started and will seem to run until BF4′s release on […]