Super Mario 64 recreated in Minecraft

A group of builders have been eagerly rebuilding the entire Super Mario 64 world in Minecraft on a 1:1 scale model. Building block by block, about 30 builders have recreated such notable landmarks as Peach’s Castle, Bowser’s Courses, the Bob-Omb Battlefield and other areas of the game in a single server, with /warps to different maps and command blocks to move between over 50 different areas. In just over five weeks, it looks as if the majority of the maps are completed, combined with a unique texture pack that has taken many of the textures from the actual game.

Another impressive feature is the ability to portal through the paintings as Taskinoz demonstrates here.

The project was conceived after Montrevaldi’s post on the endless staircase contraption was posted on Reddit about a month ago. There is now a subreddit dedicated solely to the Mariocraft project with frequent posts from the moderators and builders involved.

Apparently the server has been picked up and hosted by, but will confirmed in an upcoming feature, as well as interviews with the moderators and creators. Future plans include a fully working single player mode and possible a multiplayer mode – still to be confirmed.

More images can be found on Imgur here.