Sony “very confident” they’ll reach 5 million PS4s sold by late March 2014

Andrew House, current president and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) has stated that he is “very confident” Sony will reach 5 million PlayStation 4 sales by March 2014. Speaking to French website Le Figaro, Andrew House said:

“It’s the most important one in the history of the PlayStation, which will soon celebrate its twentieth birthday. I’m extremely happy about pre-order figures, which can be explained by the attractive price of the console. Our production chain is the best we’ve ever had. We’re redoubling our efforts to have more PS4s available before Christmas and not to disappoint customers. In the light of people’s reception, I’m very confident in the fact that we will sell more than 5 million PS4 by late March 2014.”

I think Sony will smash that number given that they’ve already gotten past 1 million PS4 sales in the U.S. alone, and even managed around 250,000 units in the UK — which is a new record. When you factor in they haven’t released the PS4 in Asia yet, well, things are looking very good for Sony right now

Thanks, NeoGAF user ComputerMKII