Sony tested Xbox 360 stick layout for DualShock 4, opted for symmetrical sticks since it’s the “PlayStation look”

Ever wanted the analog stick layout of the Xbox 360 on a Sony controller? If so, you almost had your wish for the PlayStation 4′s DualShock 4.

Speaking to GamesBeat, PlayStation manager of product planning Toshimasa Aoki admitted that they tried the Xbox 360 stick layout especially for shooters.

For the analog sticks, we did test having the analog sticks on top, since the Xbox has the left side on top [above the D-pad]…Especially from the shooter teams — we got feedback that that’s what they wanted. They knew that consumers liked the 360 for shooters.

So, what happened? Aoki mentions that while they needed to test various stick layouts, they felt that sticking to the symmetrical stick layout is the “PlayStation look” and they wanted to keep it.

The feedback from the user test team said that we needed to test this version, the Xbox version, and this version…[But having the two sticks symmetrical on the left and right sides] is kind of in our DNA. The prototype team, myself, and also the management team really felt that having this look is the PlayStation look, and we had to keep that.

For better or for worse, the DualShock 4 will have its analog sticks next to each other. But as someone who’s played shooters on both controllers, it’s just a matter of adapting and personal preference.

Would you have preferred playing PlayStation 4 games with the Xbox One’s stick layout or did Sony do the right thing?