Sony releases short PS4 FAQ to address game sharing and friends

We’ve previously reported how Sony will be releasing a “Grand” FAQ sometime in the next week or two, but it appears as if they have posted a short FAQ in the meantime that deals with game purchasing/sharing and how friends are organized on the PlayStation Network.

Here is a ‘short’ summary of the ‘short’ FAQ

Sharing your “primary” PS4 system at home:

Games you download can be played by users who share your PS4 system, like family and friends. You do not have to log in to the system for other users to play these games. If you have purchased a PlayStation Plus membership, certain multiplayer benefits can be ‘enjoyed’ by family and friends also.

Playing on other PS4 systems when you aren’t at home:

Games you purchase can be downloaded and played on any PS4 system if you sign in to PSN. There is no limit on the number of systems you can use, but only you can start games that you download.

Also, you can use up to 2 systems concurrently: the system activated as your “primary” PS4 system, and one other system.

Playing games on disc:

Just like the PS3, you can share games you purchase on disc whether they are new or used.

Why should I activate my PS4 as my ‘primary’ system?

You can activate one PS4 as your ‘primary’ system and associate it with your PSN account. When you perform the activation, the following features become available:

  • Anyone who uses your PS4 system can play games and use applications you purchase from PlayStation Store.
  • Anyone who uses your PS4 system can enjoy numerous benefits if you join PlayStation Plus.
  • You can purchase or pre-order content on PlayStation App and have the content automatically downloaded to your PS4.
  • You can connect to the PS4 from a PS Vita system via the Internet using Remote Play.

You can deactivate a PS4 system only by doing it with that system. If you want to activate a new machine as your ‘primary’ system, you need to deactivate the current system first, just as you would if you were going to sell or dispose of the machine.

How are friends displayed?

You can friend up to 2,000 people on PSN. You can view your friends on any device you have signed in to with your PSN account, but the number of players displayed varies for each device:

  • PS4 – All friends are displayed.
  • PS3 – A maximum of 100 players can be displayed.
  • PS Vita – All your riends are displayed in the Friends app. Support for the ability to display all of your Friends in most applications and games is planned. (However, some titles will be limited to the current 100 Friends.)
  • PlayStation App – All your friends are displayed.

Which friends are displayed is determined by an interesting set of points:

  1. If you have sent or received friend requests that haven’t been approved yet, up to 10 of the most recent recipients and 10 of the most recent senders are displayed.
  2. If the sum of players from point (1) and your currently online friends is more than 100, your currently online friends are displayed by online ID in alphabetical order until the limit of 100 players is reached.
  3. If the sum of players from point (1) and your currently online friends is less than 100, your currently offline friends are also displayed by online ID in alphabetical order until the limit of 100 players is reached.
  4. If the sum of players from point (1) and all of your friends from point (2) is less than 100, any remaining recipients of your friend requests are displayed, followed by any remaining players who sent friend requests to you, until the limit of 100 players is reached.

Granted, this is a short FAQ, and we’ll expect a lot more in the future, but there aren’t too many surprises here.

Anything stand out in particular Pixel Nation? Or, is this pretty much what you’ve been expecting?