Sony tell retailers to stop guaranteeing PS4s on launch as a precaution

Sony have told retailers to stop guaranteeing the PlayStation 4 will arrive on launch as a precaution, and actually have plans to introduce new stock, but without letting consumers pre-order all of them, MCV has found.

This means that some retailers will have the PlayStation 4 on sale on the launch day. A retailer told MCV Sony “Doesn’t want consumers who couldn’t buy PS4 to buy Xbox One instead”. Which kind of seems obvious to me, I mean that’s literally saying “We don’t want people to buy from our competitor”. And a senior retailer said “It’s a sign that we are at the start of a huge period for games – one unlike we’ve seen before with two consoles of this scale coming at the same time.”

But what about the Xbox One?

“Xbox One pre-orders are strong and we are confident with the momentum we’ve seen to date. We are currently on track for our most anticipated console launch and are working hard to ensure we are able to meet customer demand.” said Microsoft’s retail sales and marketing director Jon Grimes.

Are you struggling to get a PlayStation 4 pre order? We’ll keep you posted on this issue as we hear about it.