Sony: Everyone understands why we’re not going to have native compatibility from PS3 to PS4

If you still didn’t know by now, the PS4 won’t allow native compatibility with your PS3 games, as well as all of your PSN purchases.

In an interview with EDGE, Sony Worldwide Studios senior vice president Michael Denny thinks that “everyone understands” why this is the case, and adds in that they have choices to make on “these things” so that makes it “understandable.”

I think everyone understands why we’re not going to have native compatibility, like you were saying, we have choices to make on these things, so I think that’s understandable. I think it’s great that we have Gaikai and we have technology there that we’re looking to use in such a way that can mean people will get to play their back catalogue of PlayStation games on forward-looking devices, PlayStation 4 included; that is the vision that Dave set out. We didn’t announce any particular business case or DRM strategies that are going along with that, but I think hopefully that gives our games and PlayStation fans the right feeling that we’re looking at things in the right way.

While Denny didn’t say it outright, it seems to me that Sony took native backwards-compatibility out to save on the PS4′s costs, which in turn will make it cheaper to produce and sell at retail.

This is obviously a sore point to many, but from the looks of it, Gaikai will at some point let us play some of our PS3 and PSN games. Now, the only question here is: will Sony make us pay again?