Sony Computer Entertainment America acquires “,” presumably for the PS4

Sony are gearing up for the launch of the PlayStation 4 in around two weeks time in North America and they have been splashing the cash as well by the looks of things. Just recently Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC has acquired the domain name.

The domain which switched hands this week from its previous owners looks to have cost Sony up to $3,000, with the latest sighting on Rare Names/Buydomains set at $2,988 in early October.

There is no website or any sort of indication about what the domain name could be or mean at the minute, but I should think it is something to do with a viral marketing campaign that Sony are playing for the PlayStation 4.

I’m sure we’ll see something in the next few weeks though if they are using it for that. If it isn’t for the PlayStation 4 then it might be for a game that they have got coming up, or an unannounced on, but who knows.

Source: Fusible