Six fan-created shield designs chosen to appear in Dark Souls 2

The winners of a fan-created shield design contest, who were chosen by From Software and the Dark Souls 2 community, were revealed on the game’s Facebook page today.

The six From Software-chosen designs will make their way into the final game with the creators’ names in the credits, and the six community-chosen designs will be rewarded with a “special edition” of Dark Souls 2.

The designs were ranked by the amount of community votes.

Here’s the list of winners (seen above):

Selected Winners by From Software:

Round shield template:

  • Sunlight Warrior Dark
  • Shield of Ash

Great shield template:

  • Guardian Shield
  • Great shield of the Raven Goddess

Crest shield template:

  • Disunion
  • Rose shield

Selected winners from community votes:

Great shield template:

  • Marcus Shield (EpicNameBro Tribute) (4271 votes)
  • Tally shield (3403 votes)

Round shield template:

  • Blue Eye Shield (997 votes)
  • Mask of the enemy (748 votes)

Crest shield template:

  • Ire Shield (1994 votes)
  • Calamity Shield (859 votes)

Dark Souls 2, the sequel to From Software’s 2011, third-person, fantasy RPG is in development for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC. It is scheduled to release in March 2014.