Seller alleges to get Call of Duty: Ghosts early, sells it for $200

While Call of Duty: Ghosts isn’t set to release until November 5th, a seller on Craigslist is already taking orders for early copies of the game.

At a “firm” $200 price tag, the seller will apparently get the game to buyers a whole 1-2 weeks earlier than the official release date.

It is unclear as to what format these copies will be for, as the listing is brief and straight to the point.

For a casual gamer, $200 may seem pretty steep. For a hardcore fan, however, the price may be more than reasonable. The chance to complete the single-player mode early, and to get to grips with the new multiplayer maps and weapons; can provide enough of an incentive for those with the money to spend.

Do you think this seller will be able to get the game for real, or is he just scamming unsuspecting Call of Duty fans?

Thanks, Andrien Gbinigie!