UPDATE: Rumor: Sony set to unveil redesigned PS Vita with a bigger screen and increased RAM before TGS

UPDATE: TheMagicBox has updated their post seemingly denouncing the rumor for now with an “item removed as source could not be confirmed.”

We’ll keep you updated once more news comes out.

Original Story:

With Sony’s PlayStation Vita sales not exactly setting the world on fire, what can Sony do to make people sit up and take notice once again?

While rumors are swirling that Sony is set to bundle the PS Vita with their next-gen console the PS4, another rumor has cropped up and this one talks about a redesigned PS Vita.

Japanese newspaper Tokyo Keizai (translated by TheMagicBox), is reporting that Sony is set to reveal a new PS Vita model just before this year’s Tokyo Game Show (TGS) starts. This new variant is said to be called PCH-2000, will have a 6.3″ OLED display manufacture by Samsung (current PS Vita has a 5″ screen), with the resolution staying put at 960 x 554 pixels.

What’s more, this new model’s RAM will allegedly be increased to 1GB compared to the current version’s 512MB. This is being made to allow more programs to run in the background. However, the amount of RAM used by games will be unchanged, which guarantees that games will be compatible with both current and “new” model of the Vita.

Finally, the redesign is said to be more in line with the PS4′s design and that it will launch with new game titles, too.

If true, this could certainly spark sales of the PS Vita once more; but in doing so, wouldn’t it anger current PS Vita owners in the process?

Would you buy a PS Vita with the new features mentioned above?

The P.E. Perspective:

With rumors surrounding that Sony will be bundling the PS4 with the Vita, maybe this is Sony’s way of clearing out old stock? I’m not entirely convinced that Sony will pull the gun on a redesign this early on in the handheld’s life-cycle, but if the Vita sees a drop in price later this year — as rumors are saying it will, then PS Vita 2.0 might just be what the company needs to push sales over the edge.

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