Rumor: New Strider game inbound?

Yesterday, we reported that, among the games discovered in the Steam Content Distribution Record database, Strider was among them. Now, NeoGAF user canIhasAnAccount (I approve of the name) put up the supposed box art and banner for Strider for XBLA.

In addition to this, user Sega1991 found a Steam Community page, which is not viewable at this moment, which was posted by user ascarlston. Viewing the profile, it offers “Andrew” as the first name, with a quick search turning up one Andrew Carlston, who is a junior programmer over at Double Helix. Though also no longer viewable, he is Steam friends with Jorge Oseguera, whose name belongs to a producer over at Double Helix.

What does that all mean? It means that Double Helix could be involved in the development of the new Strider game. Double Helix is the developer behind Silent Hill: Homecoming and Front Mission Evolved. Since none of this has yet to be confirmed, consider all of this one big ol’ rumor.

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