Respawn on Titanfall: “Mech is kind of a dirty word, we don’t like it.”

Vince Zampella is not a fan of the term “mech” and doesn’t want the word associated with Titanfall. 

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Respawn Entertainment’s Vince Zampella had this to say about mechs and Titanfall.

“Mech is kind of a dirty word with us, we don’t like it. These aren’t mechs”

We can see why Zampella would want to steer away from the word “mech.” For starters, Respawn wants to make Titanfall something completely unique, so using the word “mech” will obviously draw comparisons to other games (Mech Assault, Hawken). Another distinction between Titanfall’s mechs and others are speed. The mechs in Titanfall look to have a greater sense of speed than other mech games.

In the same interview Vince Zampella continued by saying:

“These things aren’t mechs.They are something totally new and different. The Titans are really an extension of the player. They are bigger, they are heavily armored, and they give you kind of a second life but they are agile,fun,and fast. They can dodge. It’s not a feeling of something slow and lumbering. It really is an extension of you. You lose a little bit of agility because you can’t jump, but on the ground these thingsare super agile tanks.”

So what say you Pixel Nation; are they mechs, or are they Titans? Let us know your thoughts below.

Now if you’ll excuse me…..all this “mech” talk has me even more excited for Pacific Rim. 

Source: Mecha Damashii (via: neoGAF)