Respawn explains why TitanFall won’t be coming to PS4, info blowout

New details of Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming title, TitanFall, have been released on NeoGAF, thanks to same Game Informer blooper that we reported a while ago. The developers have explained why the game isn’t coming to PS4, stating that working on a game for three consoles would prove to be too difficult for a small team.

“Not to say we won’t go multi-platform in the future, but for our first game we wanted to focus on making the best game we could,” said the company. Respawn has said that the developers are facing difficulties using Xbox One’s 5GB ram, let alone PS4′s 8GB DDR5 ram. This is largely due to the new architecture which the developers will probably need some time to get the hang of.

The release date slated for TitanFall is sometime in spring 2014. The FPS game features “mech” and ground combat (mech’s are called titans), and the developers say that they want these titans to feel fast. If players don’t want to pilot the titan, they can enable it to follow them, killing people along the way. The pilots, by the way, are the players’ characters. They are quite flexible and can run on walls, multiple jump, and take on the titans by blowing their brains out.

TitanFall’s director uses the term “hit and fade” to describe tactics that the players need to use to be a cunning pilot. Some of the weapons that we’re equipped with include: pistol, assault rifle, anti-titan rocket launcher, and data knife to hack AI characters in order to get them on our team. The game is supposedly friendly towards newcomers.

Whew! That’s a lot of information. What do you make of it so far?