Resident Evil 6 drops to $10 on Amazon, $20 on GameStop

If you haven’t played Resident Evil 6 yet or were unsure of spending money on a game so heavily criticized, you might want to pick it up now. Amazon has the title on offer for a meager $10.

Launched last October, Capcom shipped 5 million copies of the game, but it failed to meet fans’ expectations and was panned by many. The company explained the poor performance by placing the blame on “various challenges” and “inadequate organizational collaboration.” Yesterday, we reportedthat Capcom had acknowledged consumer feedback and fans of the franchise are now told to expect the next RE title to stick to its roots. One of the major criticisms of RE6 was that it felt too “bloated.”

GameStop is offering the title for $20, by the way, but do note that the Capcom Essentials bundle is now up for grabs, which includes a copy of RE6.