Reports of PlayStation 4’s not working surfacing already?

Say it ain’t so! There are a few reports coming out from customers who have already gotten their hands on a PlayStation 4 of their consoles malfunctioning, and one not even working at all. A user over on Reddit is saying his won’t even turn on. What’s worse, he also claims Sony is refusing support at the time due to the console not being released yet. See a screengrab below:

On top of this, a thread on the popular forum NeoGAF has members echoing similar problems, with one saying that after playing a game of NBA 2K14 and subsequently inserting Battlefield 4, the console prompted for an update, in which the controller turned from blue to white and has stopped working.

Elsewhere, Stephen Totilo at Kotaku had this to say on his PS4:

Aside from all this online stuff, there’s one other awkward detail that I can’t accurately assess at this moment. It’s this: the first retail PS4 we got from Sony didn’t work. Now, please, don’t panic. It’s impossible to tell how much of a fluke this was or whether this is the canary in a coal mine of pending PS4 hardware troubles.

Whether this a larger issue or just isolated incidents is yet to be seen (hopefully not), but we’ll know soon enough two days from now.