Red Dead Redemption’s John Marston will be one of the voices in Codename Cygnus (iOS)

If you think mobile games are a joke or only a way to pass your time on that dreaded train to work, think again. Not only is the gaming industry beginning to take it seriously, it seems that well-known persons in the industry are, too.

Rob Wiethoff who voiced the infamous John Marston in the award-winning Red Dead Redemption hasn’t been on the scene since voicing Marston. But he’s suddenly reappeared to lend his voice to an iOS game, Codename Cygnus. The game is currently in development at Massachusetts-based Reactive Studios.

Codename Cygnus’ Kickstarter campaign needs to raise just $254 in the next three days to meet its target of $11,000. Only yesterday, this figure stood at a little over $2,000 required in four days.

Wiethoff’s presence might just have made a difference!