Race The Sun preview: Endless adrenaline pumping fun!

Race The Sun is an upcoming infinite racing game. Developed by Flippfly, an indie developer, the game promises endless fun.

We’re the pilot of a solar-powered craft and are racing against time to prevent the sun from setting. We can collect boosts to increase our speed and cover as much distance as we possibly can. Each level has various obstacles in our path that add an extra challenge. The aim? To get the highest possible score. This is one of those games which you could play with either a bunch of friends or solo, and derive sheer enjoyment from doing so.

Race The Sun also allows players to create their own levels from scratch and engage in multiplayer matches. You can create and animate interactive objects in the levels that you design using simple in-game tools. There’s also the option of modifying existing levels.

Earlier this year, Race The Sun successfully met its Kickstarter goal of $20,000 by raising $21,579. The game also garnered positive feedback from users who previously played a demo version. However, it is currently struggling on Steam Greenlight. I strongly believe that the game has potential to be something great. If you’d like to see Race The Sun on Steam, click here to vote.