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We haven’t seen a whole lot of Quantum Break since it was shown off by Microsoft during the Xbox One…

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We haven’t seen a whole lot of Quantum Break since it was shown off by Microsoft during the Xbox One presentation in May. We do have some fresh news for you now though, which is that Pixelux Entertainment have announced today that Remedy Entertainment will be the first to use the new Digital Molecular Matter (DMM) Playback System. The system, which will bring “high quality destruction” is a deformation-based fracture system that simulates the physical properties of any material using inite element analysis. Any sort of structure that exists, whether it is dense, tall, small or thin will be react in the same as dictated by reality, thanks to DMM. For example, this will cause wood to splinter and bend into pieces from the point of impact rather than from a predetermined seem every time. This applies to any surface imaginable such as rubber bands snapping back into place, glass shattering, steel dents and bends. If you really wanted you could even simulate plants and organic objects through the adjustment of 14 different material physics settings. There are over 20 feature films, commercials and TV series which have used the DMM technology to create destruction sequences. The DMM Playback system will be ran entirely on the GPU In real time, minimizing the CPU overhead. Mikko Uromo, the tech team lead at Remedy Entertainment said that DMM is a “key role” in shaping next-gen entertainment. DMM has played a key role in shaping Quantum Break, our vision of next-gen entertainment. We have been able to simulate complex scenarios on a scale that hasn’t been possible before and then allow players experience them in real time. Can’t wait to show the world more of what we’re able to do! This all sounds very awesome and it seems we have a rival for Battlefield 4‘s levolution mechanic as well, I can’t wait to see what they can actually do with this in games. Source: Pixelux

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