PSN way ahead of Xbox Live, for next-gen, “Snap” feature causing crashes – Rumour

Just yesterday we reported that there are rumours that the Xbox One OS is extremely buggy, and developers (apparently) expect it to take months to fix, not weeks.

But today, we’ve heard even more rumours, this time from Thuway, who is a frequent forum member on NeoGAF and has a track record of getting things right. Says that Xbox Live is very far behind PSN.

He says that the snap feature, the Xbox One’s landmark feature, is causing a huge amount of crashes, and a developer has been reported as saying:

“No matter what they do with tools, ES RAM will always be a bottleneck. No chance in hell for parity with PS4.”

These fall in line with the rumours we ran yesterday, but it could simply be the same source. Of course, it could be another developer saying this, which would be very concerning.

With just weeks until launch, it’s only a matter of time until these rumours are either crushed, or Microsoft is.