PSN bug fills download list with repeated games

Several users report that their PlayStation Network download lists are cluttered with repeated entries of free PlayStation Plus games, making it difficult to find older games.

Anytime users redeem a PlayStation Plus subscription code, the list of free games are re-added to their lists, even if they were already there.

NeoGAF user Wario64 found the bug when he replaced his PlayStation 3 hard drive and tried to re-download his digital games. He said it’s “virtually impossible,” for him to file through the almost 9000 items on his list to find the games he purchased himself. His only solution was to visit the Sony Entertainment Network account page and manually search through the games. The bug persists on the SEN download list too, he notes.

It’s unclear if the bug affects everyone.

For the moment, there’s no fix.

Source: NeoGAF user Wario64