PS4: First debug console used to showcase games to UK retailers spotted

While the PlayStation 4 has been shown off numerous times already in various events, it’s usually a “simulated” PS4, which means it was a PC with the innards of Sony’s upcoming next-gen console in it.

That has changed yesterday, as the company, for the first time, demoed an actual debug PS4 unit to a UK retailer. However, they will be showing the debug unit to other retailers in the future.

Verified to me by the owner of video game retailer Sholing Video, he was able to take a picture of the PS4 in his shop, which you can see above.

In addition to showcasing the actual console, Sony also demoed four games, which were Knack, Octodad and two others. Unfortunately, the owner wasn’t able to name the other two, but from the description he gave me, it sounded like horror game Contrast by Compulsion Games.

So for those worried that Sony has yet to show off games running on actual PS4 hardware, put those worries to rest.