PS4 “coffin” pictures detail how to send dead units back to Sony

We’ve previously reported on how Sony was addressing the issues with their “estimated less than 1% failure rate” of PS4 units that shipped at launch. Well, if you were one of the unfortunate 10,000 or so who received a faulty machine, you most likely also received this PS4 “coffin” package recently which contains all you need…and all you need to know on how to return your dead machine.

It’s interesting that Sony had this all ready to go, meaning they anticipated some failures on launch – and kudos to them for having it all set. By the looks of the process, it seems pretty straightforward – which is what you want after you spend a chunk of cash on a machine you expect to work.

One thing to mention: Do not send bug infested PS4 units back to the company. See our take on that piece here.

Note: We found these pics at Art Mechanix.