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A new game by Epic has allegedly been uncovered by sleuths over at VGLeaks. Whether the game has since ceased…

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A new game by Epic has allegedly been uncovered by sleuths over at VGLeaks. Whether the game has since ceased development or not remains to be seen. The project is known internally as “Project Nano” or “Project Blueprint”. It tells a dark, decrepit story that takes place well into the future. Here’s a summary:
The downtown area is drenched in layer of heavy acidic POLLUTION. Beneath the choking smog is perpetual night where children don gasmasks to play. If you could clamber five stories above street level, one might glimpse the sun. The city expands sideways and slipshod above the pollution. The rooftops are connected by crisscrossed highways made from bits and pieces, whatever works to stay above the soup. South-East: The TENTH is a ruined crater. Concrete slabs float in a soup of nanobots. Shorn high-rises, gnarled with rebar and rubble, claw at the sky. Thin figures dart between rubble and fog. North: METACORPS headquarters. The enormous towers are resplendent in the day; a sentinel that shadows the capital. A handful of gleaming A-Grav cruisers buzz around its platforms. From the Capitol, they look like flies. LYRIK, 23, muscular, eyes slightly brighter than Napoleon’s Tomb, balances on a flagpole above the smog. She bounces on her perch and glares at MetaCorps’ HQ. So much energy on show that she seems caged within her skin. Standing on the roof behind her, OWEN calmly lights a cigarette. His brow darkens while he breathes smoke, so goddamned impatient. They hear the rebel signal they’ve been waiting for: the thud of an easterly explosion. “Time to move,” Owen says but Lyrik has already leapt six stories down into the polluted cloud and she’s gone. Owen sucks his teeth, flicks his cigarette, and takes his own plunge to the murk below.
Several video clips are also shown that apparently showcase what themes and atmosphere Epic is going for in the game. Main features for the game are listed as such: Co Op + MP Action game (Gears-size “sandbox” maps) 10-12 hours SP 2 Main Characters (AI Assistant in SP): the first idea was a female character, Lyrik Syverson, and a male one called Owen MacKinnon, but it is very possible that the project will shift to 2 males characters (Owen and Sondo) Character biographies were also among the information unveiled, giving us an inside look at their personalities and attributes: Again, as pointed out by VGLeaks, whether the project has since been cancelled is unknown at this point, however what is apparent is that assets from this project were used in the “Samaritan” tech-demo from Epic back in 2011. This is evident by the character illustrations, which resembles an uncanny likelihood to the demo’s main character:

Project Nano

Samaritan demo

Could this actually be a next-generation title in the works? It could go either way, but interestingly a few days, Mark Rein, vice president and co-founder of Epic Games cryptically retweeted Geoff Keighley in his excitement about PlayStation Access Live, an event taking place right before the launch of the PlayStation 4. New games and fresh premieres are expected to take place at the event. Could the two be related? Or is Mark only just as excited as we are? We suspect we’ll find out soon enough.

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