Pre-order Battlefield 4 at Walmart, get Battlefield 3 for free

Chances are, you already know that pre-ordering Battlefield 4 will net you access to the BF4 Beta, but the game’s first Premium expansion, too.

Now, retailer Walmart is offering another deal. If you pre-order the game there, Walmart will throw in a free copy of Battlefield 3. So far, though, the free copies only apply to the PS3 and Xbox 360 version. Keep in mind that pre-ordering at Walmart will still net you the free Premium expansion pack; so you’re essentially getting a free game.

Unfortunately, it seems the pre-order won’t include access to the Battlefield 4 Beta. Then again, there are other ways to enter it and chances are, EA will be opening it to the public at a later date.

For those who have yet to play Battlefield 3 but is seriously considering BF4, then this is the right deal for you. Although, to be honest, I don’t see a lot of people who’s interested in BF4 that hasn’t played its predecessor still.

Anyone going to bite and get another copy of BF3 as a freebie? If so, what are you planning on doing with it?