PlayStation 4 to launch October 21 — Rumour

Mod-verified NeoGAF user Nealand Liquor has posted an interesting bit of information concerning a possible release date for the hotly anticipated next-gen PlayStation 4.

Explaining that he works at a very large retailer which receives product information early for planning purposes, the user detailed the release date for the PS4 as being October 21.

The fact that a date has been assigned to the PS4 on the store schedule, rather than being marked as “TBA”, apparently means that the date has been confirmed by the product company, which in this case would be Sony.

An October 21 release date would delight gamers everywhere, with the chance to have a next-gen console in homes much sooner than expected.

Pixel Enemy Perspective

As much as I’d love to see the PS4 tucked snugly under my television this October, I just can’t see it happening. However, the source is a trusted NeoGAF user and has been confirmed to be who he says he is. Perhaps we’ll see another PlayStation product launched? Maybe a PS Vita Go… Or not.

Thanks, NeoGAF!