PlayStation 4 + PS Vita bundle to be released by the end of the year for $500 — Rumor

When Sony announced that most PlayStation 4 games will have remote play enabled, it made me wonder when the company will announce a PS4+PS Vita bundle to capitalize on that fact, and of course, to help out the Vita’s fledgling sales numbers.

Well, it seems we don’t have to wait long for it — at least if Inside Gaming Daily’s anonymous source are to be believed.

According to their “well-placed anonymous source,” a bundle containing both the PS4 and PS Vita will be released at the end of the year for $500.

Sadly, that’s all the info they have for now. While this makes a ton of sense for Sony to do, keep in mind that this is still very much a rumor until either confirmed or debunked by Sony.

With that said, Sony is holding a press event at this month’s gamescom and it wouldn’t surprise me if they announced the bundle there. Not only will it push remote play into the gaming masses, it will no doubt bolster the PS Vita’s sales a tad, too.

Heck, if Sony wants to sell this, just demo a PS4 game running on the PS Vita and I can imagine people lapping it up. I mean, who wouldn’t want to play next-gen games on the go, no?

Would you be interested in a PS4+PS Vita bundle? If so, would you be willing to pay $500 for it?

Thanks, Videogamer!